The 2017 Youth Confirmation is happening!

7th and 8th graders are participating in Confirmation classes, starting on Wednesday, Feb. 8th. Regular classes are held on Wednesday evenings, 7:00-8:30pm in the Middle School youth room (BH-4). Pastor Joyce is leading the classes with the new “Confirm” curriculum.  Donna Stock is assisting.

The confirmation service will be Pentecost Sunday, June 4th at 9:30am (one blended service).

To accommodate the very busy schedule of our youth, we offer reasonably regular makeup/review sessions the following Tuesdays, 5:00-6:00pm, in the parlor. Others, including adults, from the congregation are invited to attend these also.  Please note on the schedule for weeks when the Tuesday sessions are not offered.

The following Sunday’s worship theme will also incorporate Confirmation topics. Again, note on the schedule for when this is modified.

Field trips and special activities are being planned!

The mission opportunity is scheduled for  Friday, May 5th.  We’ll be setting up, serving and cleaning up the REACH Renton Meal Coalition dinner meal. (We’ll eat there too.) Please meet at church at 3:50pm so we can get a bit of an orientation, then leave by about 4:00. We hope the REACH director (Maggie) will be able to talk about our experiences with us after the dinner.  We should be back to church around 7:30 or shortly thereafter.

Our Vashon retreat is scheduled for Friday and Saturday May 12-13.

Parents… PLEASE check for email from Donna! Lots of info to be sent out over the next few weeks leading up to Confirmation Sunday.

The current Confirmation schedule (updated April 6th) may be downloaded by clicking HERE.

Homework from class #13 (May 17): Meet with Pastor Joyce about Confirmation!

OPTIONAL homework from class #13 (May 17):  Listen and watch the video for “I Saw God Today” (song sung by George Strait). Here’s the link:

How did he “see” God? How did it make him feel? Are there places or times when you are more likely to feel God’s presence? If you’ve felt God’s presence, how would you describe God then?


Homework from class #12 (May 10):  Check out the websites of the places we will visit on our retreat and write something interesting about each one:

Vashon United Methodist:

All Merciful Savior Russian Orthodox Monastery:

Havurat Ee Shalom (Jewish community):

Vashon Presbyterian:


Homework from class #10 AND #11 (Apr. 26 AND May 3): Talk to  your mentors about their favorite Bible story. When did they get their first Bible and was there a special occasion when they got it? Read the Bible passages from the “Some Bible Stories to Read” handout and answer the questions for each story. You can get the handout by clicking HERE.

Homework from class #9  (Apr. 19):  Memorize John Wesley’s “3 simple rules.”

Homework from class #7 (Mar. 29) and #8 (Apr. 5): NONE!

Homework from class #6 (Mar. 22): Read one of the 4 brochures that were handed out. “The United Methodist Story,” “United Methodist Social Justice Stands,” “What’s So Great About Being a United Methodist?” or “The People of the United Methodist Church – who we are.” You can look at the “… who we are” brochure by clicking here.  Be prepared to share your comments and questions from your brochure.


Homework from class #5 (Mar 15): Find 3 things about Susannah Wesley (John’s mother) or Charles Wesley (John’s brother). UPDATE!  The other option for homework is to find the picture taken at the Conference Office (lower on this page) and find out the order (left to right) of who’s in the picture. (Hint: Rich has a beard and Alan does not.) Be ready to share with the group.


Homework from class #4 (Mar 8):  Find two (2) things about either Francis of Assisi (who lived 1181-1226) or Martin Luther (who lived 1483-1546, NOT Martin Luther King Jr!). Then share with the group.


Homework from class #3 (Mar 1): Fill out “Mentor Talk #1” sheet (Confirmand name, phone, email and Mentor name, phone, email). Talk with your mentor about the 3 questions on the sheet. You can get the sheet HERE.


Homework for class #2 (Feb 15):  None!  But if you’d like to look at the Spiritual Gifts Inventory again, click HERE to download a blank copy of it.


Homework for class #1 (Feb 8): Talk to parent(s) about – 1) Their confirmation experience (if they did it).  2) What they liked to do at your age.  3) If they went to church at your age and if they had to be “dragged” or not.


Youth who participate in Confirmation classes are called “confirmands.”

The parent covenant and the youth covenant for confirmands needs to be signed and returned to Donna or Pastor Joyce. Confirmands are to attend at least three (3) worship services and three (3) other church activities or programs during the Confirmation class period. Here’s the covenant for confirmands and here’s the covenant for parents.

Confirmation Worship Response forms should be filled out and turned in after you attend a worship service.  Find those HERE. If youth need a reminder of what was said in the sermon, listen to them on the Sermon Recordings page (under Worship tab). Click here for a direct link to the page:  sermon-recordings


Mentors have been matched with the confirmands. Here’s the list: Confirmation2017 – youth and mentors


Here’s the picture of us at the PNW Conference office, with Seattle District Superintendent Rich Lang and Camping Executive Director Alan Rogstad…

Seattle D.S. Rich Lang and Camping Dir. Alan Rogstad met with our Confirmands at the PNW Conference office.