Flat Jesus


A project for everyone


The original “flat” character was Flat Stanley, star of a book by Jeff Brown in which a boy has remarkable adventures after waking up one day to discover he is flattened to half-an-inch thick. This was the beginning of the Flat Stanley projects in schools to help children with literacy and from this grew the Flat Jesus Project.

FLAT JESUS reminds us that Jesus is with us always wherever we go and whatever we do. The idea is to take Flat Jesus with you and take pictures then share them with us.

How to create your very own Flat Jesus 

flat jesus1. It is a project for everyone: moms, dads, grandparents, friends and children.

2. Click on the image to the left of Flat Jesus, save the image to downloads, print off and colour in your Flat Jesus, be creative, how do you see him?

3. Cut him out, laminate him if you have access to a machine.

What to do with your Flat Jesus

1. Take your Flat Jesus with you anywhere and everywhere, he packs very easily and weighs nothing, pop him inside a book as a bookmark, then take him with you on your travels.

2. Having a ‘staycation’ then you can photograph Jesus in your garden, with your pet or having fun with your friends, take him to meet your grandchildren or to the coffee shop – the possibilities are endless.

3. Take a photograph

4. In a few words tell us who you are where your Flat Jesus picture is.

5. Email your picture to pastor@fairwoodumc.org

6. We will use your pictures in church and on our website

We look forward to hearing about your adventures!

(Content provided by our lovely neighbors at The Parish of Easby, Skeeby, Brompton on Swale and Bolton on Swale.)