Greening Team

Vision and Mission:

The Greening Task Force (GTF) Committee’s vision statement comes from the UMC Book of Discipline, which states in part “all Creation is the Lord’s— and we are responsible for it— to value and conserve it– to meet our stewardship duties through acts of loving care and respect”. GTF provides opportunities to do this through activities, education, information, and programs that will help care for God’s Creation. Creation Care can be seen actively working, not just within the GTF committee, but in many other areas of our church, and by many individuals of our congregation. The GTF theme for 2009 activity was “Reuse”.

Activities and Projects:
Activities (short term or seasonal):

·        Festival of God’s Creation- Celebrated on the Sunday closest to April 22, the GTF works with pastor to help provide greening and environmental focus in our congregation.

·        CROPWALK- Coordinate FCUMC participation in Renton CROP Hunger WALK to support the fighting of hunger in our local community.
·        Hiking, Snowshoeing and Backpacking- Coordinate snowshoe treks, hikes, and backpack trips to promote a fun, activity, healthy exposure to our environment.

·        Walking and Biking- Coordinate / sponsor weekly walks on different local trails and occasional biking adventures, both promoting fun, friendships, and healthy exercise outdoors with nature.

·        Field Trips- Coordinate / sponsor field trips to green sites. In 2010, a field trip was to Wild Horse Wind and Solar Facility to learn about wind and solar energy and how our church “Green Power Funds” are used.

·        Hike, Bike, Carpool Sunday- Coordinates one Sunday a year that the congregation is encouraged to minimize driving to FCUMC to lessen the emissions impact on the environment; also is a fun summer function.

·        Blessing of the Animals- Held in summer when celebrated, FCUMC pastor bless the animals that we care for in the congregation and community.

·        Summer Creation Church School– Every 4th Sunday during the summer, GTF, volunteers, and children enjoyed working in the wetlands and learning about Caring for God’s Creation.

·        Green Ideas for Lent- Ideas for outside, home, on the road and at church.
Projects (on going):
·        Church Outdoor Stewardship- Church property includes 2 ½ acres of wetlands and forest that is certified as a “Backyard Wildlife Sanctuary” with Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, and is certified as a “Backyard Wildlife Habitat” with the National Wildlife Federation. Restoring of these lands to a natural state is an ongoing project as is maintaining the restored lands.
·        Salvaging Native Plants- FCUMC congregation donates many native plants from their homes for wetlands restoration.
·        Outdoor Chapel- Part of the Wetlands project; maintained the outdoor chapel area and used it with children’s summer program.
·        Worked with volunteers in forest restoration- The Scouts and youth helped with restoration of area near playground that was once ivy and blackberries.

·        Green Power-Our church’s electrical use is 100% offset by purchasing alternative energy (averaging $76 per month) through the Puget Sound “Green Power Program“. Our 2013 purchase of 72,150 kilowatt-hours helped avoid the release of 87,840 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions and other pollution into the air.

Green Communications (on going):
·        Green Tips-Educational “Green Tips” are included the monthly church newsletter.
·        Environmental Bills in State Legislature- The congregation is provided updates on environmental and health bills and encouraged to contact their legislators. Contact via:
·        Worked with Other Church Committees and Groups- Offering information, support and activities on Church Creation Care, with ways to enjoy and respect God’s Creation.
·        Preschool and Nature- Often the children come to see what we are doing in the forest wetlands, and we enjoy sharing info about plants and animals.
·        Healthy Foods- Provides local, organic, seasonal snacks for children’s programs and hospitality hour. GTF encourages the congregation to shop for local, organic products and to patronize local farmer’s markets. In 2010 partnered with the Health Committee in offering a “Food and Faith Class”.

·        Partnership with Earth Ministry- Participate in activities and programs, church colleague meetings, and communications with churches caring for creation in our area.

GTF Members:
Sharon Kenyon, Chairperson, 425-271-2080, cell 425-306-7089, email

Others: Jeff Kenyon, Joyce O’Conner-Magee, Dale Peterson, Dianne Smith, Liz White, Donna Worden

GTF Meeting Schedule:

Scheduled as needed.