NOTE: If you would like to be on our “Green Team”, call Sharon Kenyon. No meetings required, just lots of hands-on activities caring for & enjoying God’s Creation.

* 2017 Year in Review

What a wonderful year, with all the help and participation in greening activities in 2017!  By the numbers, this included:
40+ people helped this year with many greening project;
6 – new steps built to the outdoor chapel;
120 – native plants planted; most were salvaged from trails and brought from homes;
3 square yards – pine chips put on trails and around plants;
1.5 square yards – gravel put on steps and paths to outdoor chapel and playground;
1.5 square yards – broken BBQ bricks and cement hauled off to be recycled at Sunset Material, which kindly gave us a church discount;
40 – flowers planted in Children’s Creation Care;
100 – trash cans of leaves raked, blown, and mulched, and much used to winterizing native plants;
????? – weeds, blackberries and ivy removed;
Many – clumps of grass planted this year (much was salvaged from grass tossed at golf course);
50+ people who enjoyed nature this year participating in the outdoor chapel services, Children’s Creation Care, Wednesday Walks, three mountain hikes, and Christmas outside decorating with greens and holly; and
Many more – enjoyed other nature activities with youth projects, work projects, camp, etc.

We gratefully received a bequest from the estate of Mary Bell for $5000 towards landscaping! What a difference that will make in our work in 2018!


* Wednesday Walks

To be announced in spring.


  * Hiking


Individual Hikes To be announced.  To be on the hikers’ email for planning and announcements, contact Sharon Kenyon by email.


*Church Forest/Wetlands

autumn treeWe work outside year round and always need help. Call Sharon Kenyon 425-271-2080 (H), 425-306-7089 (C) or email.


*GOD IS GREEN AND SO ARE WE! The People of United Methodist Church 
god is green shoppingbag We and many Methodist Congregations in the great Northwest are toting our “God is Green” Bags to stores!  We have already sold over 100 of 300 bags!  Thank you to all who are using their bags and showing United Methodists care about the planet.  Bags are available for one for $2 or two for $3. Profits will go toward church greening projects.
*Kill-a-Watt & Gaussmeter
killawattezPeople are finding informative to learn how many watts their electrical appliances use, thus helping us to conserve energy. It is easy and fun to use; just put the Kill-a-Watt into the outlet and plug an appliance into it. As a bonus, a Gaussmeter is included with the Kill-a-Watt permitting you to detect and measure EMFs (electromagnetic fields) produced by electrical currents found in and around the home, at school, in the workplace and other electrical transmission areas. The sign-up sheet and Kill-a-Watt are in the Greening Mail Box, in the office. We are presently checking it out for a week, Sunday to Sunday. Please check off when you check it out and bring it back.   If you have any questions, call Sharon Kenyon at 425-271-2080.
Other Information on Caring for God’s Creation:
pnwumc_logotSee the Creation-Care, 365 archive info to keep up to date with position of the Pacific Northwest Conference of UMC

Greening Task Force Committee Chairperson:  Sharon Kenyon ( Web postings: Donna Worden (