Preschool Tuition

Tuition and Payment Information

Payment is by check in person or ACH (automated clearing house) online. ACH is also called Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).
Credit card payments (Visa or MC) are accepted online. Since credit card companies charge us 3% processing fee, you must include the cc fee online.  Fee schedule is listed below.
Tuition Schedule
3&4 year olds Tuesday and Thursday $130.00 due the first Friday of every month (check or ACH)
$134.00 (credit card online)
4&5 year olds, three day option; Monday, Wednesday and Friday, $155.00 due the first Friday of every month (check or ACH)
$160.00 (credit card online)
4&5 year olds five day option $200.00 due the first Friday of month (check or ACH)
$206.00 (credit card online)
When you click on “Pay Tuition” you will need to create your profile and login information.
You then can enter which payment option you prefer.
Tardy Fee: A $15.00 fee will be charged to you if you fail to pay by the 10th of the month.