Welcome From The Pastor

Pastor-Joyce-Staff-PhotoWelcome!  Come on in for a chance to get to know this community of believers called Fairwood Community United Methodist Church.  We are a progressive group of Christians who long to serve our community with the love and hospitality of Jesus Christ.  As the pastor of this church I want to tell you some of the things  I love about this church:

I love the incredible gifts of music – some contemporary, some very traditional, praise songs that uplift and give us energy, hymns and organ music that inspire. We are blessed with talented music leaders, a traditional choir, a praise team and choirs of youth and children. Also for those like me who can’t carry a tune, we have a choir who uses American Sign Language to sing with their hands! Our worship is blessed by music, laughter and caring friends.

I love the commitment to our youth and children – Sunday School teachers, youth leaders as well as the whole church are committed to our kids.  Sunday programs include youth groups starting at 4th grade up through high school.  Our kids are encouraged to think for themselves, find who they are as followers of Jesus and serve in their community.

I love the sense of service to others – Folks here believe in rolling up their sleeves and sharing the love of God in real ways – serving meals and sheltering the homeless, traveling as youth and adults to places of need near and far.  We also host AA and Al Anon meetings, a grief support group and provide space for a counselor from Samaritan Center.

I love the ability to think and grow in faith – No one here will tell you how to think.  My excitement is that even as a pastor I still am growing in my understanding of the bible, the history of the church and of God in the world.  We are learning together.

I love our commitment to inclusivity – We welcome all…and ALL means ALL.  Our statement of inclusivity shares our vision of a place of welcome for families and individuals of diverse ethnicity and orientations, persons of all ages and backgrounds.  Because God loves diversity we celebrate it!

So please get to know us through our website – and then come to church as you are, be welcomed with warm fellowship and a great cup of coffee!  I hope you will find what I have found – this is a great place to be!


Pastor Joyce O’Connor-Magee