Worship at Fairwood Community United Methodist Church

We are now in our schedule of two Sunday morning services…

 Celebration worship at 9:00am that features more contemporary music, guitars, and our song team.

  Classic worship at 10:30am and features more traditional hymns with our organ and anthems from our adult choir, as well as more liturgy and responsive readings.


Some times, our music is mixed up a bit. Every few weeks, our Youth Vocal Band sings at both services, but leaves during the early part of the 10:30 service so that the youth may attend Breakfast Club classes. Our adult Rise and Shine singers will also sing at both services every few weeks.


For information about Sunday School for children, see the Children’s Ministry page by clicking here.


Other groups that offer anthems at our worship services include our Guitar Ensemble (led by Rae Colborne) and the Signs for Glory signing choir (led by Tom Magee). Special soloists or small groups may also provide anthems as available.

communion-200x300Holy Communion is a time to remember Christ’s self-giving sacrifice on our behalf, a time to celebrate the living presence of Christ among us, and a time to receive nourishment for our task of being Christ’s disciples in our world. Ours is an open table, meaning that anyone who desires communion with Christ may partake. You do not need to be a member of our church to participate. Our elements include grape juice and bread (and a gluten-free cracker option). Instead of celebrating Holy Communion every first Sunday of the month, we celebrate it on special Sundays, often the first Sunday of a liturgical season or other celebration Sunday. (You can see the schedule on a separate page here: “Communion & Sermons Schedule“.)

Holy Communion in worship

February 18th, 2018,  1st Sunday of Lent

March 29th, Maundy Thursday soup supper

April 1st, Easter Sunday, 11:00am service

April 29th

May 20th, Pentecost Sunday


Our sermons are usually based on the Revised Common Lectionary scriptures. The schedule of these may be found at this link:  Revised Common Lectionary.

 You can listen to one or more of our sermons on our Sermon Recordings page.

Children 3rd grade and older can also serve as acolytes during worship. Acolytes bring the light of Christ into the worship service and then take it out at the end of the service. They also help with Communion by holding the gluten-free crackers.

Anyone who would like to participate in worship leadership by ushering, lay reading, serving Communion, operating the PowerPoint slides during the service, monitoring the sound system, etc. should contact Donna Stock, Worship Committee chairperson. For more information about the adult choir see the “Choir/Music Preview“. Look at the Youth pages on the website for information about Youth Vocal Band.
See you in church!