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Announcements given for Sunday 3/3/2024

Below are the announcements given on 3/3/2024.  Please refer to your directory for contact information.


Parking - Please park in the back if your able to use stairs

We’re hoping to provide more parking spaces in the front lot for those in need. If  you’re able to use the stairs, please park in the back parking lot.
Thank you!


Sign up for 2024 flowers

Celebrate a special occasion or remember a loved one by providing flowers on the altar for a worship service. Sign up on the 2024 Flower Calendar in the narthex/entryway. It’s on the bulletin board between the office and the nursery.


We need Baked Good for Coffee Hour!

We need nut-free baked goods for our fellowship time after worship services! Bring
any items in labeled and dated freezer bags. Please note if they are gluten and/or
We’d love to have more servers also!
Questions? See Carol C. or Kathy P.

Mission Opportunity - Rice Donations Needed

During the month of March, we will be collecting 2 – 5 pound bags of white rice to
deliver to Riverton Park United Methodist Church. Each month we will add to our
monetary donation with an item that they are regularly in need of, as they work to
support those staying at their church. Drop off your donation in the box in the
Thanks in advance for your participation in our support of our sister congregation.
Thank you, also, Dianne and Mike, for volunteering to deliver our donation each


Next Church Membership Sunday is Palm Sunday March 24th

We are so grateful to welcome new members into our faith community. If you are
considering membership, the next date for Membership Sunday is Palm Sunday,
March 24.
If you are curious or if you have questions about membership, please contact
Pastor Ferdie: pastorferdie@fairwoodumc.org and look for the brochure in the
narthex, “So You’re Thinking About Joining the Church.”



UMCOR Sunday March 10th

UMCOR, the United Methodist Committee on Relief, responds to disasters and other
work that alleviates human suffering around the United States as well as around
the world.
UMCOR Sunday is March 10, a time when our gifts support their administrative
costs. The offerings we give for UMCOR Sunday will make sure that 100% of gifts
designated for a specific need will go entirely for that designated need.
You can contribute on our church website’s Online Giving page at
You can also donate via cash or check (payable to FCUMC). Just note that it’s for
UMCOR Sunday.
For more information about UMCOR, visit: https://umcmission.org/umcor/



Youth Group time change - Effective 2/4/24

Youth group time is changing, effective February 4, 2024. We will be adding 30
minutes to youth group each Sunday.
Check out the new schedule:
4:00 pm – 4:30 pm Simple Supper
4:30 pm – 6:00 pm Youth Group
Thanks for your support of this growing ministry!
Questions? Comments? Contact Kartha or LJ


Join Youth Choir - Practice on 3/3/24

Youth choir practices resume today, March 3rd. We will begin practicing music for
Palm Sunday worship (March 24) next Sunday. Join us!
Youth in grade 5 through high school are invited to sing in our YOUTH choir. Meet
in the choir room for practices on Sundays at 11:15am until about 11:50am.
Come bring your friends and make a joyful noise! For more information or
questions contact Bill or Lori McEwen at bill.mcewen@comcast.net.


Celebrating Holy Communion Today

If you’re online with us today and wish to participate in Holy Communion, have
some sort of bread and juice ready for later in the worship service. All are welcome
to the table.


Sunday Announcements 5/19/24

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Sunday Announcements 5/5/24

v Announcements given for Sunday 5/5/2024 Announcements-plan-20240505-with-notes-no-quiet-slideBelow are the announcements given on 5/5/2024.  Please refer to your directory for contact information.   Mission Opportunity - Rice Donations Needed During the month...

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Announcements 4/28/24

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321 – Open into the Light – Eastertide Series 4/21/24

Every midweek during Eastertide you will receive a sermon digest in the 3-2-1 format: 3 Ideas
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General Conference starts April 23rd

General conference is coming up April 23-May 5th. Find out more what the UMC denomination is doing.