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Announcements given for Sunday 4/28/2024

Below are the announcements given on 4/28/2024.  Please refer to your directory for contact information.


Mission Opportunity - Rice Donations Needed

During the month of March, we will be collecting 2 – 5 pound bags of white rice to
deliver to Riverton Park United Methodist Church. Each month we will add to our
monetary donation with an item that they are regularly in need of, as they work to
support those staying at their church. Drop off your donation in the box in the
Thanks in advance for your participation in our support of our sister congregation.
Thank you, also, Dianne and Mike, for volunteering to deliver our donation each


We Are Composting

Fairwood Community United Methodist Church is stepping up our efforts to take
care of our earth!
Our green composting containers (a 23-gallon container in the parlor of Benedict
Hall and a few green wastebaskets) with compostable bag liners are here. Please
put your food waste, food-soiled paper and approved compostable products into
these green containers. We have a second outside tote to accommodate extra
compostable materials.
Please note that not everything labeled as “compostable” is accepted by Cedar
Grove. Generally accepted items are here: CedarGrove-flyer-Compostables-Accepted-
With your help, we can take better care of our earth!
Questions? Contact Donna S.


Youth Lock-in Friday 5/3 6pm -Sat 5-4 2pm

Our youth are invited to a birthday party lock-in the night of May 3rd. It starts at 6:00pm on Friday, and goes until Saturday, May 4th at 2:00pm.

Come dressed as your favorite color of the rainbow and bring $25 that  covers the cost of mini-golf and food. A party for everyone!

Contact LJ or scan the QR code for more info.
Or go to the link at https://fcumc.breezechms.com/form/BirthdayLockin

Limited Mobility Parking Spots in Front Parking Lot

The Trustees installed five (5) new “Reserved for Persons with Limited Mobility” signs. We replaced the two visitor-parking signs on the left of the main red doors into the sanctuary building and added three on the right of the main red doors (in front of the church offices).

Note that these new spaces are to be used by anyone that feels that it would be helpful to park close to the door on Sundays and that they are not “legal” disabled parking signs that require an ADA placard/license plate. We still have the original spaces that do require the ADA placard/license plate.

Also remember that there is parking in the back parking lot for those that feel like they can walk from there. 

Church Membership for May 19th

If you’re curious about what it means to be a church member, please pick up a pamphlet on the table in the narthex/lobby. It’s called “So you’re thinking about joining the church.”

Then if you’d like to know more, please talk to Pastor Ferdie. Our next time to welcome new members will be Sunday, May 19th.


Youth Choir - No Practice today 4/28, next practice 5/5/24

Youth in 5th grade through high school are invited to sing with our YOUTH choir.  The next practice will be May 5th. Meet in the choir room for practices on Sundays at 11:15am until about 11:50am.

Come bring your friends and make a joyful noise! For more information or questions contact Bill or Lori McEwen at bill.mcewen@comcast.net.


General Conference Update

Our worldwide General Conference started Tuesday, April 23, after being postponed since 2020. It will be held in Charlotte, North Carolina, April 23 – May 3. The General Conference is the only body that can set official policy and speak for the entire United Methodist denomination. Delegates are from the U.S., Africa, the Philippines and Europe. Think of the two-week gathering as a combination of a United Nations General Assembly, a U.S. congressional session and a time of rousing Christian worship.

Please pray for all involved as they consider many significant proposals. Some of their work is mundane but some of it can be heart-wrenching. Pray especially for our Pacific Northwest Conference clergy and lay delegates

and reserves:  Elizabeth, Skylar, Gregg, and Brant.

For lots more information, see the Thursday newsletter email or visit: https://www.pnwumc.org/general-conference-2024-resource-page


Crop Walk is Sunday April 28th

Our traditional Renton CROP Walk is coming up, Sunday, April 28, 1:30 – 4:00pm.
Your family can walk, donate and/or help with jobs the day of the walk. Visit the
CROP table in the narthex to sign up to register as a walker. You can sign up to
help with jobs on the bulletin insert or contact Sharon. People volunteering can also
collect pledges.
Funds that we and other Renton churches raise will support vulnerable people
around the world, as well as feeding programs in our own community.
For more info, search online for: Renton CROP Hunger Walk.
The “Fairwood Methodist (Renton, WA)” team is already set up. Join the team or
make a donation!
2024 CROP Hunger Walk – Fairwood Community United Methodist

More information: Crop Walk
If you have any questions, please contact Sharon at kenyonjs@comcast.net.


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