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Online Worship 05-19-24

Fairwood Community United Methodist Church
May 19, 2024
Prelude Consuming Fire Sid Samberg
Greeting from Our Lay Reader John Melvin
Passing the Peace
*Call to Worship *Please rise in body or spirit
One: Through growing pains and awkward phases, we wondered…
Many: …am I always going to feel this way?
One: Before we came to this community, we wondered…
Many: …where could I find a spiritual home?
One: We all come from different backgrounds and hold different views, and wonder…
Many: …how can we faithfully hold space for so many differences of opinion?
One: We look to the future of our church and our world, and we wonder…
Many: where will God call us to go next?
One: Then the Spirit of the Divine reminds us,
Many: “You are all part of me. You are made for soaring and you can emerge to renewed life. Again and again.” Amen
*Opening Song Holy Spirit
Children’s Message Lori Macauley
Prayer Music Spirit of the Living God Sid Samberg
Joys & Concerns, Pastoral Prayer, The Lord’s Prayer
Special Music Wind Who Makes All Winds that Blow Bill McEwen & Rae Colborne
First Reading Acts 2:1-4 Elif Aydogdular (Turkish)
Second Reading Acts 10:34-36 Laura Songras-Rosales (Spanish)
*Gloria Gloria, Gloria. We sing praises to God.
With open hearts and open minds, In peace we welcome all.
*Gospel Reading Mark 2:1-5 Pastor Ferdie Llenado (Tagalog)
Sermon Title: Journey: The Places We Will Go Pastor Ferdie Llenado
Offering Hymn I’m Goin’ a Sing When the Spirit Says Sing Hymn 333
*Thanksgiving for the Offering
*Closing Song Spirit of God FWS 2117
Postlude Holy Spirit Rain Down Sid Samberg
Music Staff: Rae Colborne, Choir Director
Bill and Lori McEwen, Julie Swienty, Sid Samberg, Bill Carpenter
Altar flowers donated by Cyndee Hess